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Set It Off, Juneteenth 2022


Freedom begins in the mind.

We’re going to Set It Off, Juneteenth 2022 via Zoom from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST. The Shadow Foundation and influential speakers will reset the codes of past conditioning to free the mind and restore the African-American Community.
We’re going to celebrate Juneteenth by Honoring Opal Lee- Grandmother of Juneteenth, learn the full history, support Black-owned business, and donate to supportive organizations.
The purpose of the event is to equip current and formerly incarcerated and their families with the necessary resources for reentry.
We have invited motivational speakers, investment experts, real estate professionals, bankers, grant writers, personal and business credit restoration specialists, educational specialists, resource experts, mental health professionals, financial literacy professionals, and tax experts, all of whom we hope will aid us in restoring, empowering, and building together. 
Please make sure you register for this free event. 
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